Strawberry Summertime Salad

Here in Sacramento, sweet summertime can be a little short on the sweet - and a little too aggressive with the HEAT! We're currently in the middle of a triple digit stretch, and I'm watching the forecast eagerly waiting for those 90 degree days to return. I love hot weather don't get me wrong, but 108 big ones is a little too much for me.

LUCKILY we have amazing fresh produce grown right in our area. It's the perfectly grown organic strawberries {like found here} that help to make Sacramento summertime a little more sweet.

In this recipe, I've used these delicious berries to make the perfect summertime salad.



Chop the above ingredients up, lay over a chopped kale mix, top with balsamic vinegar & a dash of olive oil - and you've got yourself a sweet summertime salad that's fresh and light.