Midtown Farmer's Market

If I was going to get all basic in my blog post, then I would be like . . . I CAN'T EVEN >> with the Midtown Farmer's Market - every Saturday.  It's basically like the best Whole Foods you've ever been to x10 because you know for sure that everything is farm to fork.  Local farmers, local produce - very Sac Locale :)

And the best part for me, it is SO close.  I live right where it all happens at the MARRS Building {between J & K on 20th}.  Like a skip, hop, and a jump away.  I was so giddy I literally skipped and hopped on my way there.

These flowers are to die for, and #nofilter at that.  Stunning blooms were everywhere.

The produce is inspiring.  You can honestly taste the difference of the organic and fresh in everything that you sample or buy.

And it took EVERYTHING in my power to not make a purchase at this super adorbs donut stand.

Until next Saturday Sac-Towners!