Girls Weekend

I recently got to have a girls weekend in LA and it was SO needed.

I moved up to Sacramento 2 years ago now from Hermosa Beach. I left some of my dearest friends and miss them so much! While I've made some great new friends up here in Nor Cal, it's always hard to miss out on those weeknight dinners or a random get together with these girls. Although we've got 6/7 really long driving hours through what feels like the entire length of California (of course not the good parts), or an hour flight, we still remain just as close. I'm so thankful for these girls in my life. They keep me giggling and motivated to be my best self.

Kayla was the ring leader for the weekend. Did I mention she's a supermodel?? Ok she's not, but she freaking should be! That as well as the mayor of SJC @followtheswallows


She recently bought her new home in San Juan Capistrano, and saying it's gorgeous does no justice. I literally got tons of comments from my insta story viewers saying "whose amazing kitchen were you in??", and "omg where are you??". Her kitchen {which isn't even done yet} is a dream kitchen. Photos pinned right up in to my Pinterest board. #kitchengoals. Any way, she hosted us crazies and it was a weekend filled with poolside cocktails, backyard yoga {coming soon to the blog}, and a locals tour of San Juan.

How amazing does my candle look in her kitchen?


And can I just say, she made us the most amazing poolside cocktails: Tequila with puréed watermelon & freshly squeezed limes

And now for the intros of the other fabulous ladies!

Here's Kimmie aka Slim @kimmie_jarrett.  She's the first mama of the group and she's killin it. I can't wait to ask her a million questions every day when I finally have one of my own.


This is Kristin @kriscallig.  She's a self taught calligrapher bringing a new twist to the handwriting game. Check her insta to see what I mean.

Meet Val, my lifelong {4th grade is basically lifelong} bestie. She recently became a realtor! She's slingin houses left and right and running the socal beachlife inspired account @lifesabeachhouse.

Lastly, but she aint never the leastly #queen @ashleyahorne. She's a hustler, a mover and a shaker, and a financial planner getting one Los Angeleno at a time to stop spending all their money and start saving for the future.

And now some San Juan scenes ...


Basically you need to do yourself a favor and visit if you haven't been.

I'll miss these girls terribly but will be playing a few games of solitaire frenzy and reminiscing until I get to see them again soon. What is the saying??? Absence makes the heart grow fonder?