Valentine's Day Banner ♥

That time of year has come my friends ... Valentine's Day!  Let's be real, you either love it - or you hate it.  I myself have never really cared for it. It always seems like such a competition.  Your boyfriend takes you to dinner at one of the trendiest, tastiest, hardest to get in restaurants; paired with a dozen long stem red roses & a box of chocolates.  Dream come true right??

Just as you're feeling like you're on cloud nine, had the best Valentine's day ever - you listen to your coworker who raves and gushes about how her Valentine took her on a helicopter ride from Hollywood to Malibu, where they then rode horses into the sunset.  IT NEVER FAILS.

Anyway, now that I've gotten my scrooge out - I'm good.  All in all though, it is a fun day to remember to show those dear to you that you love them.  Whether it's through an extra phone call, or a home made Valentine.  Life is too short to not spread the love.

This Valentine's Day I'm showing some affection with a DIY Valentine's Day banner, and so should you! Here's what you need: 

How cute are those heart doilies?! I found them at the dollar store and was like, um hello YES! I'm telling you. If you feel like your creative juices are lacking, head there and just meander. Something will almost always come to you - and guess what? It will only cost you a dollar! If you only got one thing of course.  So yeah - twine, paint, and super cute dollar store doilies for the win.

Grab your doilies and paint away! As you can see from the photo above, I started with larger boxy letters. I decided to switch it up to more of a brush style letter since it's what I typically love. I'm not suuuper pumped on how my words/letters came out, but you get the idea. If you're not a painter, you could always use letter stickers.

Weave your twine through the holes {through the front first, then through the back} and you've got a banner! Ta DA! Pretty easy huh? A very unscary DIY if you ask me.

I hope my babe likes my extra gesture of affection

Happy Valentine's Day!