DIY Ink Stamp

I am co-hosting a bestie's baby shower, and was put in charge of the invites.  After the design was chosen and ordered, I eagerly waited for the shipment to arrive at my doorstep.  I knew the envelopes would be white, and wanted to incorporate the design into them.  As you can see below, the theme is so super adorable ...

Ahoy It's A Boy Invites

The "Ahoy, It's a Boy" theme is so darling.  And how cute is the whale?!  I knew he had to be what I incorporated, so that the cuteness happens as soon as the envelope is held in the invitee's hands.  I came up with the idea of a stamp, and so my adventure began.  

I of course visited Michaels in hopes of finding a whale stamp to match the invites.  Not only did I not find a whale that resembles my friendly guy above, but I didn't find any sort of whale.  I decided I would recreate the cutie pie, and here is the process:

What you'll need:

Carving Kit (Includes rubber block, wooden handle, and two carving tips)

Ink Pad – in your color of choice



I began with cutting the rubber block in half.  It was much bigger than I needed, and now I can make a whole second stamp later on.  I then drew my guy onto the rubber with pencil.  He is a very simple design, so this process was very easy.

With a Sex in the City marathon playing in the background, I sat down and therapeutically carved away at the rubber.  Starting with the fine carving tip, I carved out my drawn design:

Stamp Carving

In my opinion, this was the most difficult step.  One wrong push of the tip, and I could have easily lost my guy's tail.  After the initial carving was complete, I switched to the square carving tip which covers much more area and speeds up the process.  Even on rubber I just think he is so stinkin cute!

Once your carving is complete, you can begin to stamp!  I highly recommend practicing lots before stamping anything that is intended to be used.  As you can see below, I ended up cutting around my design with scissors.  The stamp began square and then continued to get smaller and smaller after each practice stamp.  I was getting small pieces of surrounding rubber showing up in the stamp - so to play it safe I just cut it all away.


You may notice some blue fingertips in my photos.  This is because I tried to skip a step and not add a back to my stamp.  That doesn't leave much to work with when it comes to areas to grab and hold.  I recommend purchasing a stamp block that would be similiar to these.  They ensure accuracy and ... cleaner hands. 

And finally, the finished product:

Addressing Invites

Making this stamp was such a fun way to get creative, but I also think it adds a personal touch to the invites. I hope it brings a smile to Mama's face the day that she finds it in her mailbox.