Prosciutto Wrapped Pears

My favorite part of the holiday season is the plethora of divine apps.  It makes me salivate just thinking about it.  I don't even try to watch my weight during this time of year.  It's not worth it! We have to live LIFE!  

That being said, here is a recipe that I made for a recent holiday party I attended.  Prosciutto wrapped pears with arugula and blue cheese - HELLO! {cue Adele} they're amazing! 

Prosciutto Wrapped Pears


             -  3 Bartlett pears

             -  Juice of 1 lemon

             -  6oz prosciutto 

             -  1 cup arugula 

             -  3 oz blue cheese crumbles

      1)  Slice pears in half, and core center.  Then cut halves into four pieces.

      2)  Toss pear slices and lemon in a bowl.

      3)  Cut prosciutto in half lengthwise and roll in one slice of pear, 3 crumbles of blue cheese, and 2 stems of arugula.