Halloween Nails

In the fall and winter months I love to wear dark colors on my nails, but never really feel like I can pull off the black look.  So when Halloween comes around, I pull out the dusty bottle of black OPI {color: My Gondola or Yours?} with excitement and paint away.  This year I created a new spin on the black nail to make it a little more dynamic and trendy.  It's along the lines of the whole geo/tribal trend going on.  While the artwork is definitely not professional, I save some mula by - doing it myself - :)

Here are some easy tips:


As mentioned above, I use a black by OPI - my fave brand, I swear it lasts the longest.  Then I used a drug store brand kit that comes with two shades of gold glitter polish.  You'll also need paper, toothpicks, and some sort of sticker/tape.             


Once you've painted the area and it has dried completely, carefully peel your sticker/tape off.


I then mark the areas that I want to paint, blocking the areas that I do not.  Make sure the base black color is completely dry before applying the tape.  I've also used 3M Painter's Tape in the past which works really well because it's not too sticky.

Finally, drop a small amount of the 2nd glitter polish onto a piece of paper to dip the toothpick.  Outline the triangle you've created with a thin line, creating an outer triangular border.

VOILA! Your trendy Halloween nails are ready to impress, and will go perfectly with any costume you plan to rock.

* * * I've also used this technique in the past with white polish instead of black - for a fun bachelorette party look in Vegas.