Outside Lands

Of course Coachella is the mothership of all music festivals, but Outside Lands in San Fransisco is one of my favs. The weather is much cooler {meaning not 90-100 degrees}, so it's a fun change to wear scarves, leather jackets, and boots - rather than the bootie shorts and crop tops.  Also, there are no worries about the - never fails, happens every year - dust storm.  Ahhh the fresh air.  Feel free to leave your bandana at home kids.


The lineup never disappoints - EVER.  This year the front runners were Kendrick Lamar, Sam Smith and Mumford & Sons, accompanied by legends Elton John and Billy Idol.


That's the BF and I above with Ranger Dave.  I like to think of him as the icon of Outside Lands.  Since the festival takes place at the amazing Golden Gate Park, Eco Lands exists to spearhead the environmental consciousness within Outside Lands through Greening Programs and Waste Diversion strategies.  Ranger Dave helps to set the tone of the Green Vibes throughout the festival grounds.  Anything to preserve the trails, lakes, and thousands of trees in the park, I am all for!

With and abundance of art, food, wine & spirits // Outside Lands is the perfect place to escape, feel the music, and dance the day away.

See you next year OSL.