The California Fair

It's the first official day of fall, and I'm reminiscing about this past summer with shots taken at the California State Fair.  Fairs are my favorite! Never winning a single carnival game, eating fried anything you can think of, and watching the crazy rides that I'll never go on. It's the kid rollercoasters for this girl!

Just like that summer is over, but I'm so ready for the leaves that are beginning to change and the cooler temperatures. And of course, bring on the pumpkin!

Photos: VLUX Photography @vluxphotography

Watermelon Lime Coconut Water

It may be September, but summer aint over yet! Especially with 95 degrees today in Sacramento. Sheesh it's hot! I'm definitely getting that pumpkin itch, but I am also still craving this refreshing hydrating drink.

This yummy colorful blend is my own DIY concoction - and it is oh so good for you.



COCONUT WATER:  Improves skin, supports a healthy digestive system, boosts hydration, clears and enhances skin, and lowers blood pressure.

LIME:  Anti-carcinogenic, detoxification, weight loss, skin care, and improved digestion.

WATERMELON:  Hydration, significant levels of vitamins A, B6, and C, lycopene, antioxidants and amino acids.  


I added DōTerra Lime Essential Oil to my mix for extra internal cleansing benefits. Only a few drops are needed.


This drink is super easy to make. Just blend the ingredients together, pour into a cute glass, and sip through a paper straw. 


Strawberry Summertime Salad

Here in Sacramento, sweet summertime can be a little short on the sweet - and a little too aggressive with the HEAT! We're currently in the middle of a triple digit stretch, and I'm watching the forecast eagerly waiting for those 90 degree days to return. I love hot weather don't get me wrong, but 108 big ones is a little too much for me.

LUCKILY we have amazing fresh produce grown right in our area. It's the perfectly grown organic strawberries {like found here} that help to make Sacramento summertime a little more sweet.

In this recipe, I've used these delicious berries to make the perfect summertime salad.



Chop the above ingredients up, lay over a chopped kale mix, top with balsamic vinegar & a dash of olive oil - and you've got yourself a sweet summertime salad that's fresh and light.


Spring Floral

I've found a whimsical, flowing, bohemian skirt to match my spring state of mind - and I'm obsessed! This skirt is to die for. It's high waisted and flattering on many body types: trust me on this. The detailing of the buttons is so well done, and theres a side zipper making it super easy to get in and out of. The mermaid style stitching and the vintage floral print makes you feel like you should be amongst the birds and butterflies in a garden. This skirt is perfect for bridal & baby showers, a date with your main squeeze, or any occasion where you'd like to feel extra pretty and feminine. Pair it with a body suit or tank, and you're outfit is made.


Skirt: Free People        Bodysuit: Forever 21        Sandals: Brandy Melville

Photos: VLUX Photography @vluxphotography


Festival Trend: DIY Choker

Channel your inner Clueless character - chokers are so back in. You can incorporate a choker into any style outfit whether the vibe be urban, chic, and of course bohemian goddess. Since it's festival season, boho vibin' is currently on my mind. 

I haven't made it to Coachella in a few years now, but trend spotting for the best festival outfit is still so fun. Come mid April you'll find me FOMO-ing so hard and browsing the Coachella hashtag.

One trend I am so loving this year is the choker. It is a MUST for Coachella 2016. They are so flattering and easy to pull off - and now, so easy to DIY!

This DIY is super easy. Just head to your local fabric or craft store - I went to Hobby Lobby here in Sacramento. DO NOT ever pay full price at places like Hobby Lobby or Michael's, there are ALWAYS coupons for usually 40% off!

Head to the sewing or fabric section, and you'll find tons of trim and lace by the yard or on spools. If it's by the yard you can literally get enough of it to fit around your neck for less than a dollar. So cheap! If you went to buy a choker at Urban Outfitters for example, you'll easily pay around $20.

Once you've found some gems head to the jewelry department and grab some jewelry clasps to join your two ends together. Check out some of the super cute options I found:

Get out and find yourself some must have options and rock that choker!